Queen Square martillo de reflejos

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Atif Elnil

Nice product

Rubbish customer service. Great product.

I ordered the MDF Queen Square reflex hammer online recently. I've used many different types of reflex hammers for many years, but wanted to get a well-made QS hammer. The MDF version is certainly well thought out. They used a smaller head which partially addresses the main problem with a QS hammer (they're a bit cumbersome to carry); they've covered the pointed back end with a removable red cover which is both protective and serves as a visual target in VF examination; they've added a comfortable grip section to the stem. My suggestions for improving it further: (1) use a denser alloy for the head, which will increase its mass per unit volume, allowing a heavier head which would be better for eliciting MSRs with a more natural motion of the hammer. (2) use a softer rubber bumper. (3) Use a material with more ‘recoil’ / ‘spring’ for the stem. Overall, I think it’s a great product, well worth the interminable wait for stock in the UK (which seems to have taken years to replenish).

The major downside is MDF’s customer service. My order got despatched very quickly after the online order (MDF used an Amazon courier), but unfortunately the courier mis-delivered it to a house on another street. Tracking claimed the order had been "delivered". I immediately wrote to MDF alerting them to the problem... and was COMPLETELY ignored. For WEEKS. Despite REPEATED emails, MDF (both the EU and I believe the UK or US branches) simply ignored every email I wrote. I gave up hope of ever receiving my order, surprised at what looked like a proper scam - until nearly 3 weeks later when the package arrived at my front door with a handwritten note from the person at the wrong address where it was delivered by mistake. To this day, NO ONE at MDF ever answered my repeated emails asking for their help with the mislaid order. (MDF continues to send emails soliciting feedback reviews however. Happy to oblige).

In conclusion, MDF seems to manufacture at least one excellent product, and has an efficient warehousing operation to despatch orders - but it also has an utterly ABYSMAL, basically non-existent customer service operation, both in the UK and the EU. My suggestion to potential customers is to only purchase less costly items from MDF, such as reflex hammers or flashlights. I wouldn't purchase expensive medical equipment from them - if anything happens to your order, you are unlikely to receive any help at all from their customer service.

Joana Lopes

Queen Square

Miguel Ângelo Miranda

MDF® Queen Square neurologische Reflexhammer mit Spitz zulaufend Spitze für oberflächliche Antworten (MDF545)

Catarina Fernandes

"Encomenda para Portugal"
Envio rápido. Material de qualidade. Recomendo!

Queen Square


Queen Square

MDF® has redesigned the Queen Square Hammer to make it even more effective for eliciting myotatic, plantar, and abdominal responses. First popularized and named at the National Hospital for Nervous Diseases in Queen Square, London, this weighted, agile percussion device features a softer silicone bumper and blunted tip for patient comfort and ease of use for the healthcare professional. A removable grip and more flexible handle ensure increased percussion accuracy and effectiveness. The red handle tip can be used as a target for testing visual fields.


All A Round Hammer

A new, softer silicone bumper encloses the chrome-plated brass disc and is precisely weighted to induce myotatic responses.

Queen Square - Head
Queen Square



Long, flexible nylon-plastic handle with tapered point allows for a leveraged weighted swing and is suited for eliciting plantar and abdominal responses.


Get A Grip

A removable grip offers increased control.

Queen Square - Grip
Queen Square - Rubber Tip


We Got You Covered

A bright red tip cover can be used for visual field tests.

Queen Square -  Lifetime Warranty


With You For Life

Quality is our reflex. All MDF reflex hammers qualify for a lifetime warranty after registration of the unit. MDF® reflex hammers with defects in material or craftsmanship will be replaced or repaired without charge for the life of the instrument.